Dec 30, 2009

18 months and 22 days

It has been a long time since we have posted anything in our blog. Two reasons: a)We don't really enjoy posting, b) Marga (who is the official blogger) got pregnant, and she had "24 hour" morning sickness for nine months. So, we will try to summarize our last 18 months.
1) In June 2008, we decided to meet with the fertility doctor to try to get pregnant.
2) Marga had surgery in July to have an ovarian cyst removed.
3) We went to Utah in August to visit our friends.

4) On September 14th we went to the fertility doctor for a post-surgery check. We made an appointment to start with the in-vitro treatments.
5) On the same day, we found out Marga was pregnant.
6) Our friends Karina, Mabel, and Lily came from Utah to visit.

7) We spent Christmas in Rocklin with Clint's side of the family.

8) We won turkey salt and pepper shakers at Sid and Linda's Christmas family get together. (Important for future references)
9) The day after Christmas, Cameron, Brook, Ethan and we went to Spain to spend a couple of weeks with Marga's side of the family. Cameron and Clint smuggled some manchego cheese, and "jamón serrano" (cured ham)through Atlanta airport customs.

10)In March, Marga became a dual citizen of Spain and the USA.
11)In April, Marga had several baby showers. Thanks Cathi, Jeannie, Ana, Jen, and Betty for everything. We also went to Utah to visit our friends one last time before Sophía's arrival. Marga had a another baby shower there. Thanks Paqui and Monica for preparing everything, and especially for getting all my dear friends together. We also enjoyed playing miniature golf at Trafalgar, and even some exotic dancing from Daniel.

12)In May, Margas's Mom came from Spain to help with the baby. Sophía was born on June 2nd, 2009. She was 6 pounds and 15 ounces.

13) In July, Paqui and her family came from Utah to meet Sophía.

14)In August, Mayte and Mary came from Spain to meet Sophía.

15) We went to Lake Tahoe for our family vacation. My poor Sophía was stung by a wasp.

16) We went to Vegas to let our friend Mayte (a huge CSI, Las Vegas fan) experience an all American city.

17) At the end of August we went to Utah for Antony and Denisse's wedding. One of the best receptions ever!!! Also, Esther celebrated her 6th birthday that weekend. We love you Esther!!!

18) Clinton went back to Utah a week later with Calvin, Ryan, and Chad for a BYU game. A waste really,BYU was totally smashed by Florida State.

19) We have been doing all the typical things parents do with their children to make life more fun: pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving... (by the way, Marga is wearing a swimsuit in the bathtub.)

20)On November 14th, Isabel (Marga’s Mom) went back to Spain.

21) This Christmas has been the best one ever. Having Sophía in our lives is the best gift we could have asked for. We will try to post more often. Thank you for your postings, we love checking out your blogs.

Jun 20, 2008

How Many ....?

Marga kelly
( I'm kind of cheating, since my full name is Margarita...)
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in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Clinton Kelly
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people with my name
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How many have your name?

Jun 18, 2008

Grandpa Kelly had a farm, E-i ei o ...

Sunday afternoon, Calvin, Joanne, Sid, Clint, and I headed to Yuba City to spend Father's Day with Grandpa Kelly. You would think Grandpa lives on a farm by looking at these pictures. The horse and the mule belong to the neighbor, and the hummingbirds come constantly to the feeder, but the chickens are Grandpa's new project. We also brought Gordy and Nala along, and took them for an unsuccessful swimming class at the pool. We found out that Gordy cannot swim, and Nala hates the water :( What else did we do??? Clinton checked the tomato plants, Tiffany and Steve brought baby Ava, so we finally met her. Ron gave Grandpa a new "How to Raise Chickens" book (sorry, did not take a picture of that), and Joanne and Grandpa discussed how to teach Gordy that "GRANDPA'S CHICKENS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD."

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Picking Cherries at Grandpa's

After enjoying a delicious Father's Day dinner, we decided to pick some cherries from Grandpa's cherry trees. We were having a lot of fun, when all the sudden Nala started going crazy barking. She spotted an unidentified creature underneath one of the cherry trees. She looked scared and scary at the same time. We all laughed when we found out the "creature" was non other than Sid. Nala did not recognize him surrounded by all those branches. Look how beautiful those cherries are!!!

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A Saturday in Saint Joseph

Last Saturday, Calvin had to go near San Jose for a Church meeting. We decided to go along so we could spend the day with Ryan, Jen, and the girls. We first went to soccer practice for Madelyn and Brinley. Afterwards, Jen and Ryan took us to the wonderful farmer's market by their home. I found some really good Anaheim peppers, nectarines, and TO MY GREAT SURPRISE...tunas (Prickly Pear fruit.)

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Jun 17, 2008

What's in your plate?

When Calvin was done with the meeting, we all went to Chili's for an early dinner. Elise noticed something buzzing in her mouth......a giant plastic bee!!!! Joanne attacked Calvin to get a bite of the corn (she was really hungry,) and Madelyn and Brinley were having a blast with them.

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Do you do the nap?

After dinner, we all went to Ryan and Jen's place. After playing Wii for a while, some of us took a nap,and some just chilled out. Madelyn insisted she needed the Book of Mormon to sing "I Am a Child of God."
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